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Natural beauty from the pristine waters of the Abrolhos Islands

Where the warm waters of the Leeuwin Current meet the world’s southern-most coral reef system, lies the magnificent Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia. Here, in these pristine waters are nurtured the fabulous Chimere black pearls.

The majority of Chimere pearls are well rounded, but they also come in a large variety of shapes which preserve their unique character and individuality. The colours reflected are shades of green and blue, aubergine, gold and silver grey.

With eye-catching lustre and quality nacre skins, Chimere pearls provide a never-ending number of unique variations to discretely and elegantly accommodate any look, style or design.


Click here to see our exquisite range of jewellery, inspired by the variety of shapes, sizes and colours of pearls harvested from the Abrolhos lagoons in Western Australia. Pearls are perfect for every occasion, and we carry a wide selection of styles and individual designs, all with excellent lustre and shine.