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Chimere’s Pearls are grown in the crystal blue waters of the Abrolhos Islands Western Australia. A chance discovery  in 1992 signalled the beginning of an industry and the formation of the company Abrolhos Pearls (WA) Pty Ltd. After much preliminary research on the wild shell stocks collected from the reefs and lagoons, the company commenced the first culturing experiments in 1998. Twelve months later the team was rewarded with a small pearl harvest, which proved conclusively that a pearl culturing industry at the Abrolhos Islands was possible. The first commercial harvest of cultured pearls was released in September 2000.

Our two pearl farms are situated in the Southern Group and the Easter group of the Abrolhos Islands.

Abrolhos Pearls (WA) Pty Ltd places the highest value on the pristine environment in which its pearls are cultured. Abrolhos Pearls (WA) Pty Ltd, produce Pinctada Margaritifera (Black Lipped Pearls) and Pinctada Fucata (Akoya Pearls).  Abrolhos Pearls (WA) Pty Ltd owns and operates the only licenced Hatchery at the Abrolhos Islands.

Abrolhos Pearl (WA) Pty Ltd trading as Chimere Pearls opened their showroom in 2007. Located at 272 Foreshore Drive, offering unique designs and one of a kind pieces, featuring the exquisite pearls straight from their farms and showcased in a relaxing, comfortable gallery.

The name "Chimere" was chosen for its meaning. "Chi" is the body and soul "Mere" is French for water. Together the body and soul of the water is the pearl. "Chimera" is also found in the Thesaurus to mean rainbow colours, which is very fitting for our beautiful colours in our pearls.


Bring the emotion back into something you will wear and treasure for a lifetime. Chimere Pearls have a fully equipped workshop onsite. Our Jeweller specialises in one of a kind pieces and has been a jeweller for 30 years.

Sit down with our jeweller and talk about designs, he can look at ideas you already have or show you pieces that he has previously made to give you some ideas. We can supply the gold and gemstones, or you can bring your own gold and gems to be incorporated. Have a design come to life before you in professional drawings, drawn whilst you wait.

If you are not here in Geraldton, e-mail us your thoughts and we get back to you with some sketches and a price .


Have your piece of jewellery professionally repaired or cleaned. We quote on all pieces to be repaired or cleaned, so that you know exactly what it will cost before we start.

If you are from out of town, e-mail us a picture of the piece that needs work and we'll get back to you with a quote.


All purchases over $300 come with a Certificate of Appraisal. This gives a detailed description of the pieces purchased with a picture which can be used for insurance purposes.

If your purchase does not come to $300 and you would like a Certificate of Appraisal, please ask and we can provide one.