Chimere Pearls are proud to Advocate Global Goals #14

In September 2015, at the United Nations General Assembly, 193 countries committed to 17 goals to achieve three extraordinary things by 2030: end extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice, fix climate change. The achievement of these goals will provide a sustainable future for all. It is essential everyone knows about these goals. Do your part to #TellEveryone now!

Please do your best to protect out oceans.

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The Global Goals Australia Campaign is a nation-wide campaign to promote the achievement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The campaign aims to engage all levels of the community in the importance and fulfilment of the Global Goals in Australia and our neighbouring countries for future generations. The fulfilment of these goals is essential for future generations to continue to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life on Earth. The Global Goals Australia Campaign works with the United Nations and NGOs to be able to provide a platform for federal, state and local governments, corporations and private companies, educational institutions, community groups, service groups and charities and religious institutions to promote their work towards the achievement of the Global Goals. This platform is for everyone to engage in the Goals and feel inspired to Tell Everyone. The Global Goals Australia Campaign also encourages people to take action towards achieving these goals and consults with different organisations about how to most effectively achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030.

Please consider the environment whenever you are on the water.

Regards Chimere Pearls.